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Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 11 .2(2014)

Philip C. C. Huang(黄宗智)Is “Family Farms” the Way to Develop Chinese Agriculture?(“家庭农场”是中国农业的发展出路吗?)


Yuan Gao(高原): Large Farms vs. Small Farms: Grain Production in Northwestern Shandong(大农场和小农户:鲁西北地区的粮食生产)


Xiaolin Pei(裴小林):The Origin of China’s Economic Transition(中国经济转轨的真实起源)


Haixia Wang(王海侠):Anarchist Thought and the Practice of Rural Reconstruction Revisited—Finding Contemporary Relevance from a Withering Anarchism(无政府主义思想与乡村改造的实践回顾——从消去的无政府主义提取当代价值)


Norman D. Apter, Clark University Translator, Li Junyang(安陶 克拉克大学 译者 李隽旸):All in the Family: New Approaches to Child Relief in Post-Mao China(家庭化——后毛泽东时代儿童福利体系新发展)


Xuefang Pan(潘学方):The Paradox of Rural Collective Ownership and Community Membership Rights: The Case of a “Village inside the City” in Taizhou(农村集体所有制的悖论与社区成员权问题:以台州“市区农村”为例)