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"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?:—Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, V, Modern China, 38, 6 (November. 2012)

"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?— Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, V

November 2012, Volume 38, No. 6


 Philip C. C. Huang

"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?--Editor's Foreword

Modern China 2012 38: 597-11.


 Philip C. C. Huang

Profit-Making State Firms and China's Development Experience:"State Capitalism" or "Socialist Market Economy"?

Modern China 2012 38: 591-629.


 Ling Li, Qiulin Chen, and Dillon Powers

Chinese Healthcare Reform: A Shift toward Social Development

Modern China 2012 38: 630-645.


 Ivan Szelenyi

The Nature of the Chinese Formation and the Making of Its Welfare Regime: A comment on Philip Huang's "Profit-Making State Firms and China's Development Experience:' State Capitalism' or 'Socialist Market Economy'?"

Modern China 2012 38: 646-664.


 Zhiyuan Cui

Making Sense of the Chinese "Socialist Market Economy": A Note

Modern China 2012 38: 665-676.


 Zhengfu Shi and Chang Liu

Socialization of Property Rights: A Strategy for SOE Reform in China

Modern China 2012 38: 677-693.