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"Whither Chinese Reforms? Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars, II" Modern China, 35, 3 (July 2009)

July 2009, Volume 35, No. 4 



Philip C. C. Huang

Introduction to "Whither Chinese Reforms? Dialogues Among Western and Chinese Scholars, II"

Modern China 2009 35: 347-351.


Fan Gang and Wing Thye Woo

The Parallel Partial Progression (PPP) Approach to Institutional Transformation in Transition Economies: Optimize Economic Coherence, Not Policy Sequence

Modern China 2009 35: 352-369.


Shaoguang Wang

Adapting by Learning: The Evolution of China's Rural Health Care Financing

Modern China 2009 35: 370-404.


Philip C. C. Huang

China's Neglected Informal Economy: Reality and Theory

Modern China 2009 35: 405-438.


Chris Bramall

Out of the Darkness: Chinese Transition Paths

Modern China 2009 35: 439-449.


Sebastian Heilmann

Maximum Tinkering under Uncertainty: Unorthodox Lessons from China

Modern China 2009 35: 450-462.