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Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 13.2(2016)

History of the Revolution



Qianhou Yue: The Trading of “Special Commodity” (Opium) in the CCP’s Northwestern Shanxi Base Area during the War of Resistance against Japan

岳谦厚: 晋西北抗日根据地的特货贸易


Rural Marriage



Yuesheng Wang: The Geographic Aggregation of Older Unmarried Males in Impoverished Rural Areas: Findings from Chicheng County of Northwestern Hebei Province

王跃生: 农村男性大龄未婚的区域积聚问题基于冀西北赤城县的考察


Religion and Economy in Contemporary China



Yongyi Yue: The Nation-State, the Contract Responsibility System, and the Economy of Temple Incense: The Politics and Economics of a Temple Festival on a Landscaped Holy Mountain

岳永逸: 民族国家、承包制与香火经济: 景区化圣山庙会的政治-经济学


Agricultural Collectivization



Woyu Liu: The Agricultural Collectivization Movement as Seen in Grassroots Archives: Baoying County of Jiangsu Province, 1953–1957

刘握宇: 基层档案揭示的农业合化作运动:以江苏省宝应县为例 1953–1957


Peasant Economy in Taiwan



Shou-li Yeh: Transformation and Tradition in Taiwan’s Peasant Economy, 1960–2015: A Case Study of the Dongshi Fruit Economy

叶守礼: 台湾小农经济的现代变迁:一个关于东势水果经济的个案研究