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Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Science Volume 12.2 (2015)

Rural China, v. 12, no. 2


The Chinese Economy: History and Theory 中国经济:历史与理论


Xiaolin PEI: the Origins of China’s Economic Transition

裴小林:中国经济转轨的真实起源                                                           [English] 22432 (50pp.)


Reform and Administration 改革与行政


LIN Huihuang, XIONG Cai: Police Reform and State Coercive Capacity Building in China

林辉煌:警务改革与国家强制能力建设                      [English] 10471(23pp.)                                                                                        



GENG Yu: The Alienation of “Semi-formal Administration” and Its Solutions: A Study of Land Requisition and Housing Relocation                                                                           16854 (22pp.)


Rural Stratification 农村阶层分化



WEI Chenglin: Consumption, Leisure, and Social Stratification among the Rural Elderly: The Case of Jinchun Village of Zhejiang Province                                                              19170 (26pp.)



YANG Jianyun: The Ratio of Housing Price to Income as a Measurement of Rural Differentiation                                                                                                             12479 (17pp.)

Suburban Agriculture城郊农业


YUAN Zhonghua: “Outside Farmers” and Small-Farm Agriculture in Suburban Areas: The Case of Suburban Shanghai                                                                                                     21182 (28pp.)


Survey of Soybean industry 大豆产业调查


PENG Yiqing, FU Qiyuan, ZHANG Shuoyue, MA Mengting: A Report of Investigation on the Industrial Cluster of Soybean Protein Processing in Heilongjiang                             13633 (18pp.)